© Louise Badawi 2012

I love clouds – this photo of an especially impressive mid-morning sky was taken whilst out on a wander in March 2012

© Louise Badawi 2012

an ugly concrete monolith becomes an mirror on the world, softening the overall image. not what people would expect to see in the “City of Dreaming Spires” I imagine

© Louise Badawi 2012

and they say you should never shoot into the sun!

© Louise Badawi 2012

kite flying on a blustery day

© Louise Badawi 2012

Cerith Wyn Evans’ “Inverse Reverse Perverse” at the Tate Britain, May 2012.

© Louise Badawi 2012

looking out of his bedroom window my son called me to see this – “look, Mum. Someone’s pleated the sky”. taken on a “lovely” Spring day, May 2012

© Louise Badawi 2012

the decorative privacy glass in a bathroom allows the sunlight to shine through and create beautiful patterns on the blind inside.


rainbowOxford. January 2014.


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