Episode 20 :: Dangerous Pranks Part II

The good news is Mike managed to survive last week’s episode (relatively) unscathed.
“Phew” we hear you collectively sigh!
But he is determined to not to be out of danger yet…….
Listen now and be absolutely blown away with even more dangerous pranking!

Episode 19 :: Dangerous Pranks Part I

This week, Man of Letters brings you lucky listeners a full-on, no holds barred, maximum thrills and spills episode!
Mike risks life and limb (and possibly much, much more) to bring you the very best in pranking comedy. Fingers crossed he survives to bring you next week’s episode……

Episode 18 :: Looking for Love

Never one to sit around and wait for a stupid mythological arrow to strike, Mike gets all smushy in pursuit of that ever elusive prize – True Love. Ahhhhh we hear you cry!
The burning question is: is he looking in the right place?!

Episode 17 :: Clucking Hell

What came first: the chicken or the microphone?
It’s a tricky one and this week’s Man of Letters goes someway to answering this taxing question with this poultry pranking episode!
Let’s hope Mike doesn’t fowl up along the way *groan*

Episode 16 :: Online Services

Over-stepping the mark is rapidly becoming one of Mike’s trademark traits as he whips out his Man of Letters mic once more to prank two well-known giants of the unfettered world of the World Wide InterWebbyThing.
But does Mike’s techy knowledge grow as well as his chutzpah?! Listen on to find out!

Episode 15 :: UPS Special

Not resting on his Amazon laurels, Mike takes on another global delivery giant, UPS. Can their customer service really be as terrible as their partners in Consignment Crime?
Trust Mike to find out with pranks that may make you look twice before you send your next precious parcel on its way!

Episode 14 :: Birthday Edition

It’s 16th January, the day the forces that be conspired to bring us the miracle that is Mike Kennedy, Man of Letters!
Enough gushing already. Have no fear, Mike may be another year older but he is probably not more than twelve months wiser! In this, our Birthday Edition, listen to pranks galore as we herald another year of our host becoming increasingly old.
Will Mike ever really grow up?! I truly hope not.

Episode 13 :: Chugga Chugga

It was so worth waiting for patiently in the queue.
You’ve got you’re saucy costume, you’re on the right platform and now you’re ready to get your ticket; it’s here, at last: the Chugga Chugga Club special!
There’s going to be a member’s collectable t-shirt (no, really!!) and maybe even a pencil with a rubber on the end that keeps falling off. Who said Christmas was over!!

Episode 12 :: Christmas Crackers Part III

Eeking out that very last drop of Festive Spirit, Father Christmas has finally sobered up and joins the Man of Letters for this bonus Christmas Crackers episode.
With a definite transit theme (Santa has just travelled around the world after all!) Mike’s pranks take us all the way to South East Asia and we introduce the Chugga Chugga club – like the Mile High Club only, well, more Miles Long…….
To make sense of all this complete (non)sense, listen and enjoy!

Episode 11 :: Christmas Crackers Part II

Man Of Letters is the comedy podcast that just keeps on giving!
Boxing Day has come and gone. Heads may be banging, many probably lost at Monopoly like 100 times and, to top it all, that turkey curry probably couldn’t have looked any less appealing..
Time to rip open the layers of cheesy gift wrap and listen to and enjoy this second part of the Christmas Special!

Episode 10 :: Christmas Crackers Part I

It’s (nearly) Chrisstttmmasssssss!!
To get all you good boys and girls out there into the spirit of this magical festive season, Mike brings you the first of two Christmas Specials
If this episode was a present sitting under the tree on Christmas Eve, it would be the big sparkly gift with a fat red ribbon and glitter absolutely everywhere just crying out for you to rip it open!
Open now to see what goodies are inside…..

Episode 9 :: ebay Endeavours

WARNING! This episode comes with a big, fat #NSFW #RaucousComedy caution!
Man Of Letters goes where no-one has dared go before and takes on the world’s biggest auction site.
Deftly straddling the boundaries between good clean fun and shameless pranking, Mike finds out if you really can buy and sell literally anything.
The only one sure way to find out is to listen on……

Episode 8 :: Special Delivery

With the festive season just round the corner, Mike turns his mischievous endeavours to a certain package delivery company (the world’s largest appaz!) and a hut that is not an actual hut, with excitement stretching from expired package contents, a complete lack of door for the door-to-door service and a misplaced food shop.
How will Mike navigate all the drama – with much jocularity and bonkers results of course!

Episode 7 :: Viva Scotland!

In what couldn’t ever be described as a celebration of Bonnie Scotland, Mike takes on the Anglo-Scottish border transport system challenging the standards of clientele at a certain mega-cheap coach company and pushing the realms of hospitality to almost breaking-point with the most ridiculous overnight train journey imaginable.
This episode with make you laugh until you’re fair puckled and, if it doesn’t, awa’ an bile yer heid (which in English means in “away and boil your head!” and probably won’t help you much)
And with that, cheerio the nou!!

Episode 6 :: The Virgin Sky

Don’t be misled by the innocent title!
In definitely the dodgiest episode to date, Mike delves into the dark-side of the world of media channel providers trying his luck from attempting to get everything gratis to spilling dirty not-so-little secrets.
Brace yourself for thirty minutes of unadulterated, no holds barred comedy from the ebullient (look it up people) Man of Letters!!

Episode 5 :: Amazon Adventures

The laughs head sky-high as Mike tries to make his piloting aspirations a reality, even though his capacity is extremely questionable to say the least, and then proceeds to purchase some rather high brow, extremely hard to find (read: non-existent!) publications.
Is there any Customer Service line in the land safe from Mike’s pranking?!

Episode 4 :: Bonfire Night Special

Sparks fly in this Bonfire Night Special as Mike tries to make a surprising delivery, attempts to learn a bit of 5th November DIY with Katy Perry and then lights the fuse for an ridiculous (but very cost effective!) chore. Stand back and enjoy the show!

Episode 1 :: London

In this first episode, Mike orders an impossible takeaway, tries to join a very sympathetic gym and attempts to eradicate any “evidence” from his car. Enjoy and don’t forget to subscribe!

Prom shoot // June 2015 // Oxfordshire

Louise Badawi Photography – first book now available to buy!

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the new overshadowing the old

The Albert, 52 Victoria Street, London. built in 1862 and named after Queen Victoria’s husband, the Prince Consort, the pub has survived the Blitz and 1960’s redevelopment remaining virtually in its original form and stands today in stark contrast to the modern skyscrapers that loom menacingly over it. November 2012.