suffering for my art

© Louise Badawi 2012

these four little beauties were taken in my garden yesterday, resplendent in the full afternoon sun.

getting the shots meant getting into positions lower to the ground; this enabled me to take some fab pictures at interesting, arty-farty angles. it also meant I was at the optimum height to make my legs Blandford fly-fodder. ouch! four bites on two legs – one with blood-sucking monster still attached. parts of my lower limbs currently resemble balloons.

fearful of going outside, I have spent most of the day tethered to my PC going through my photo libraries, updating statuses, staring out of the window at the perfect sunny day – anything but risk becoming an insect dinner again!

the full-size images have been added to the “flora” menu of this blog (click on the tabs above left to see more). I do update these quite regularly so do dip in and have a look around every now and then …..

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