goodbye to all that…

for now, at least (fingers crossed)…….

I am, of course, talking about the very exciting news that after weeks of heavy rain across parts of the UK, conditions are set to improve for many areas this weekend. over the next few days, the much talked about jet stream is expected to move to its more usual position to the north of the UK, guiding rain-bearing low pressure systems from the Atlantic away from the country. as a result, a move to more normal summer conditions is expected. yay!

this isn’t such good news for the local gastropod community. all the heavy rain and warm spells have provided the perfect conditions for slugs and snails – apparently B&Q is reporting a 74 per cent increase in sales of slug pellets! – so these images can serve as a distant reminder when we’re languishing in the sun in August!

© Louise Badawi 2012

not only are slugs hermaphrodites, but they are also cannibals. ugh! who knew??

© Louise Badawi 2012

© Louise Badawi 2012

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