Bomb The Bass were definitely onto something

back in 1991, or The Olden Days / Ancient Times as my children would say, Bomb the Bass released their excellent single “Winter in July“. I bought the vinyl 12”, a format which most of the new generation will not at all be familiar with, so I guess my children are right. sort of.

which brings me to my garden. this is what greeted me upon my return home this evening. leaves! fallen from our apple tree! in JUNE!!!!

© Louise Badawi 2012

whilst not quite Winter-like exactly, the drizzle and the sight of yellowed leaves on the lawn definitely suggest a hint of Autumn in June. every year around July, without fail, my (generally positive-thinking) husband will suddenly declare that “there is definite feeling of Autumn in the air!”, to which my reply is generally a resounding “nooooo! it’s way too early!!”. pah!

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