** pop! **

bubble play in the garden produced this giant sample (there were lots, lots more…) captured here reflecting the play equipment on its oily surface. June 2012.

in the words of Lenny Kravitz

I wish that I could fly into the sky so very high just like a dragonfly Fly Away (Lenny Kravitz) Produced by Lenny Kravitz – ® & © 1998 Virgin on this morning’s school run – not a time of day generally known for its thrills and spills – we spotted this hot air balloon …

the old through new eyes

a visit to Norwich, where I spent the vast majority of my childhood, gave me the opportunity to explore the city and get all nostalgic. this was taken looking out from the top floor of a (relatively new) shopping mall overlooking the city’s ancient castle and on to the cathedral, both of  which are over …

high as a kite

walking around the picturesque village of Combe in Oxfordshire today, I happened to point my camera skyward and capture this amazing image of a red kite on the prowl (do birds of prey prowl? or just hover menacingly? answers on a postcard, please). I captured some fab images of a quintessentially English village, of which …

Summer is a comin’ in

allegedly, Summer is on its way. in anticipation of those endless blue skies I give you fifteen by Goldroom to set the mood. my first Summer anthem of the year, the track was released on 8th May and is free to download should you desire. the title of this post is for my wonderful father, …

before the hail came..

this was the view from the house minutes before we were showered in hail stones (lurking in the highly ominous-looking black cloud at the top of the image). the capricious nature of the British weather means changes can be sudden, but we are more likely to see weather like this in March. this truly was …

no photographs please!

upon entering the National Portrait Gallery my camera and I were duly greeted with the “no photography” sign. being the upstanding citizen that I am, I popped my lens cap on and wandered in. being the camera-addict that I am, however, meant that I couldn’t resist this image from the ladies loo!

how to light an egg…. or a little lesson in lighting

in my continuing endeavours to learn how to be a better photographer, I occasionally stumble upon some little gems of advice.

this is from photographer Jo Edelman, a professional photographer based in Pennsylvania.  I have never heard of him and know absolutely nothing of his work, but this video about light was revealing in its simplicity